EVISION5 - Digital Signage -  Choreography for your media
Choreography for your media


What is Digital Signage?

The term digital signage describes the use of digital media content in advertising and information systems such as electronic posters, electronic traffic signs, in-store advertising (in-store TV), digital door signage or large-screen projections.

The digital media content can be adapted very quickly, purposefully and inexpensively, whereby digital signage can be used much more effectively and profitably than conventional advertising media.


Many digital signage scenarios have been implemented with EVISION5:

  • Information in reception and entrance areas
  • Dissemination of company information
  • contextual information at the workplace
  • Event announcements
  • Signage of conference rooms
  • Menu information in canteens
  • Targeted advertising
  • Kiosk system

Local and in the cloud

Whether installed in the corporate network or rented in the cloud: EVISION5 offers you full flexibility.

The local installation includes the compact single-user version up to the use of your existing server instances. For user management, you can use the user management built into EVISION5 or dock EVISION5 to your Active Directory.

From the 4th quarter of 2017, the EVISION5 Cloud offers a flexible option to use the system on a rental basis.



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